All the issues of equipment delivery are managed by the company Azhurstal. Cooperating with the largest transport companies, our specialists organize timely equipment delivery to any residential area in Russia and to the countries of near and far abroad.

Delivery on Russia

We try to make the purchase of "Openwork" equipment as pleasant and convenient as possible for You. Therefore, taking into account numerous requests from customers, our company delivers orders in Russia as close as possible to your locality. We take responsibility for the timely delivery and safety of the equipment.

The delivery cost is calculated when placing an order, as it depends on a number of parameters, such as distance, weight, and dimensions.

Delivery to other countries

The company "Azhurstal" takes responsibility for the delivery of equipment to any corner of the globe, as quickly as possible solving the issues of its customs clearance. Terms of delivery of our equipment abroad are discussed additionally.

Delivery of equipment is carried out in the shortest possible time in cooperation with well-known transport companies: Business lines, zheldorekspeditsiya, TC kit, Major TRANS, Baikal Service, SDEK, etc.

The cost and delivery time are calculated according to the rates and rules of transport companies. You can get information about the nearest pick-up point on the website of your chosen transport company. Our specialists have extensive experience in sending equipment to all countries of the world, and will be happy to answer all your questions.